About Hyderabad Talkies

Hyderabad Talkies is a brain child of Mareechi Media Works and Darsh Entertainment, two ventures with similar goals, similar vision and an unsatiable hunger for excellence.
Concepts, Concerts and Cause - The three C's that define us. Concepts are the backbone of our organisation. We bring entertainment to the center stage during seasonal events, colouring lives with joy in Holi, making you footloose and dance in Navarathri, and ushering you into the New Year and its resolutions with a roaring energy.
Concerts are the very heart of what we do. Bringing gems of the music industry like A R Rahman to the city, Hollywood superstars like Elijah Wood, lighting up your sky with the ultimate escape in Sunburn.
Art and commerce are symbiotic to us, and artists are brought to the doorstep of this city, with song and dance defining this generation for generations to come.
And when we mention this generation, we do include all those who are not privileged to experience this celebration of art and entertainment, who struggle to gain the most basic needs: the right to education.
And in this is our soul: the cause.
We are a boat that rocks from the challenges in the wide sea of entertainment, and rocks out its way through every journey.

People Behind Hyderabad Talkies

Founder at Hyderabad Talkies,
Partner at Mareechi Media Works

Co Founder -Hyderabad Talkies,
Owner-Darsh Entertainment

Partner, Hyderabad Talkies

Partner, Hyderabad Talkies